Sample Clearance

Sampling has become an integral part of the current musical landscape, particularly prolific in the Dance, Pop and Hip Hop scenes. A popular form of creative self-expression, sampling allows artists to show influences in their work and revitalise classic records whilst offering a lucrative alternative income stream for an ever-changing music business. 

Over the last 20 years, Sample Clearance Services has established itself as a global authority on sampling, offering cost-effective artist and rights holder-friendly solutions for the industry.


We will:
(i) Trace the original owners of the master recording and original copyright
(ii) Analyse and evaluate the material
(iii) Negotiate terms and conditions of sample use
(iv) Draft master and publishing sample clearance agreements for you

All correspondence received will be emailed to you for approval and all correspondence sent on your behalf will be discussed with you in advance. Once terms have been agreed, we will draft an agreement, arrange for signature and ensure you receive hard fully executed copies for your files.

Please contact us and forward MP3s of your new track to us via yousendit, sendspace or use our soundcloud drop box.

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